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Setup a common page refresh option in Oracle APEX 4.2 using JS

Objective: To setup a common page refresh option in application, i nstead of making page refresh option in each page. Solution:     Step 1: Upload a button picture. Shared Components => Images => Create => Upload Step 2: Create a new navigation bar. Shared Components => Navigation Bar Entries => Create Image – let it empty Icon Subtext - <img src="#APP_IMAGES#page_refresh.png" title="Refresh"> Icon Image Alt : “Refresh” Image Height : 40 Image Width: 30 Target Type : URL URL Target : javascript:window.location.reload(false); Note: It will just refresh the page (No reload).

Viewing APEX Mail Log & Queue

Run below query in SQL Workshop  SELECT * FROM apex_mail_log ORDER BY last_updated_on DESC; Above said query, used to find the apex mail log. This query will find the mails in apex mail queue. SELECT * FROM apex_mail_queue ORDER BY last_updated_on DESC; We can push apex mail by apex_mail.push_queue exec apex_mail.push_queue; OR BEGIN   apex_mail.push_queue (p_smtp_hostname => 'IP_ADDRESS',                                           p_smtp_portno      => 'PORT_NUMBER'                                         ); END;