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Report Layouts and Report Queries in Oracle APEX 4.2

Objective : To create PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML reports using report Layouts and report Queries in Oracle APEX 4.2. Solution : Step 1:  Go to Shared Components ==> Reports Fig 1:  Reports Step 2: Create report query using below SQL Query. <<SQL QUERY >> << begins >> SELECT ROWNUM AS sno,   isin,   noofrecords,   fundid,   quantity,   sd FROM   (SELECT fd.fundidentificationnumber AS isin,     COUNT(atd.transactionnumber)      AS noofrecords,     atd.fundid,     SUM(atd.unitsconfirmed)      AS quantity,     TO_CHAR(SYSDATE,'DD-MON-YY') AS sd   FROM smf_apexrps.unitholderaddinfotbl uai,     smf_apexrps.consolidatedtxntbl atd,     smf_apexrps.funddemographicstbl fd,     smf_apexrps.groupdefinitiontbl gd   WHERE uai.unitholderid = atd.unitholderid   AND atd.fundid         = gd.fundid   AND atd.fundid         = fd.fundid   AND fd.latestrule      = 1   AND uai.otherinfo29   IS NOT NULL