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Oracle APEX - Application Alias [APP_ALIAS]

Objective : How to i replace my App ID with custom name. Solution : Step 1: Click on "Edit Application Properties" . Step 2:  There you find a field called Application Alias, you just change it (Whichever alias you want) . Fig 1. Define Application Alias Step 3:  Add little bit JS on page load in App Global Page [ZERO] .                                                                                      Fig 2. Dynamic action JavaScript  Code: jQuery("a[href*='f?p=&APP_ID.:']").each(function(){ var vThis$ = jQuery(this); vThis$.attr("href",vThis$.attr("href").replace("=&APP_ID.:","=&APP_ALIAS.:")); }); Output: Once you have done the above steps, application URL will be like this,