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Displaying image in Oracle APEX Interactive/Classical Report

Solution: Step 1:  Go to shared components and upload required images. Step 2:  Create Interactive/Classical Report. Step 3:  Add below SQL query in source option . SELECT employees.EMPNO,   employees.ENAME,   employees.JOB,   employees.MGR,   employees.HIREDATE,   employees.SAL,   employees.COMM,   employees.ONLEAVE,   employees.NOTES,   employees.DEPTNO,   employees.FLEX1,   employees.FLEX2,   employees.FLEX3,   employees.FLEX4,   employees.RATING,   employees.GENDER,   CASE     WHEN (employees.gender   = 'MALE'     AND employees.emp_image IS NULL)     THEN '<img src="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#not_found_male.jpg" width="75px;" height="75px;"/>' -- Default Male ICON     WHEN (gender             = 'FEMALE'     AND employees.emp_image IS NULL)     THEN '<img src="#WORKSPACE_IMAGES#not_found_female.jpg" width="75px;" height="75px;"/>