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Multiple Authentication in the same APEX Application

Objective : Recently client asked me to implement multiple authentication schemes in the same APEX Application. We are using SSO and as an alternative authentications like (LDAP, APEX, CUSTOM). The problem is, you can only define one authentication scheme being "CURRENT" for an application. So how can we solve this issue? Solution : We need to create two URL to access the same application. One URL will redirect to SSO integrated application (Only AD users and people who are accessing office Network can able to access), another one URL is public (Can access the system anywhere).   http://xxx.yyy.home:####/ ords /f?p=spm:home  -  Can't access the system from outside office http://xxx.yyy.home:####/ spm /f?p=spm:home  - Public Note: Both the URLs are pointing to the same application (SPM). Working Modal: Fig 1: Flow Diagram Step 1:  Create customized login pages (as you like) . Fig 2:  Home Login Fig 3:  Login Step 2: Go to