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Capture Log (Login, Logout, Session, System) Details in Oracle Apex 4.2

Objective: This post will explain you about, how to capture use login, logout and session out time in Oracle APEX applications using security attributes. Section 1:  To Capture User Login Details: User Log Reports provides the detailed information about the users' login details along with their history. These reports are more accurate and also provides the details of the user, their logon time, logoff time, the computer from which they logged on, the domain controller they reported, etc., along with their logon history. It also provides  the details of Currently Logged On Users and Frequently Logged-on Users. The following information can be captured in the Database. 1. Login Date 2. Login Time 3. Session Id 4. System IP Address 5. Host Name 6. User Name Step 1:   Table Creation.  <<table_name>> (column_names)   {Based on the column Requirement} Step 2:   Creation of Page Hidden Items. Create Page Hidden Items P0_SESSION