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Call Oracle package in Oracle BI Publisher 10g

Objective : To call Oracle package in Oracle BI Publisher 10g. Scenario : Oracle BI Publisher is just a reporting tool. From which we can download excel, csv, xml, rtf, PDF reports. In which we can use only SQL statement not PL/SQL. But, we came across the scenario to call Oracle package in OBIP.   Solution : We can call the Oracle package in OBIP by Data template SQL. Step 1:  Crete OBIP report Step 2:  Create data template dataset using below SQL <dataTemplate name="AIRReport" description="Industrial_MIS_Automation"                    dataSourceRef="BNP_RPTLIVDB_APEXRPS" Version="1.0"                             defaultPackage="pkg_sbfs_report_log" >                                                                 <dataQuery>                                                                                 <sqlStatement name="STMT1">