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Use record type as an OUT parameter in Oracle PL/SQL Stored Procedure

Objective :  How to print record type values in Oracle PL/SQL . Solution : Step 1:  Create package  fxgn_sample_pkg . DROP PACKAGE  fxgn_sample_pkg ; create or replace   PACKAGE  fxgn_sample_pkg     as         TYPE fxgn_sample_rectype IS RECORD ( p_name varchar2(40),                                                                                               p_emp_id number                                                                                     );         type fxgn_sample_table_rectype  is table of fxgn_sample_rectype;         procedure fxgn_sample_prc ( fxgn_sample_table_rec1 OUT fxgn_sample_table_rectype                                                                             ); END  fxgn_sample_pkg ; / create or replace   PACKAGE BODY  fxgn_sample_pkg     AS       PROCEDURE  fxgn_sample_prc ( fxgn_sample_table_rec1 OUT fxgn_sample_table_rectype )         IS            BEGIN                SELECT  ename,                                

Select list pagination in Oracle APEX 18.2 Interactive Grid (IG)

Objective: To bring select list pagination in Interactive Grid. Solution: Step 1:   Create Interactive Grid. Step 2:   Set   show total row count =  YES. Step 3:  Add the below JS in the JS section of the IG attributes. function(config) {     config.defaultGridViewOptions = {         rowHeader: "sequence",         pagination: {                                                         showRange: true,             showPageSelector: true,             showPageLinks: false, // uncomment to hide the first and last buttons //            firstAndLastButtons: false         }     };     config.defaultIconViewOptions = {         collectionClasses: "t-Cards t-Cards--compact t-Cards--displayIcons u-colors t-Cards--desc-2ln"     };     return config; // don't forget to return this! } Output: Related Posts: Load more row option in OracleAPEX 18.2 Interactive Grid (IG)