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Open modal/inline dialog in Oracle APEX using JS

Analysis: From Oracle Apex 4.2,  Inline dialog can be opened as modal dialog/popup using JS. Open inline dialog region as modal dialog: Step 1: Create static region. Step 2:  Set Template => Inline Dialog. Step 3:  Assign the static id to the region. Fig 1: Set template and Static ID Step 4:  Create button or change one of the report column type to Link. (Action: Redirect URL). Step 5:  Put the below JS to open the region as modal dialog.                javascript:openModal('unitpricedetails');            Fig 2:  Open simple modal dialog Open inline dialog region as modal dialog and pass values to the items: Common Steps:  Step 1 to Step 4. Step 5:  To pass value to that region, create P1_UNIT_ID in the inline  dialog.       javascript:$s('P1_UNIT_ID','#UNIT_ID#');javascript:openModal('unitpricedetails'); Fig 3:  Open simple modal dialog and assign the values To open inline dialog as modal dial