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Querying Data From Flat Files in Oracle

Couple of days before i had an interesting discussion with my client related to  Oracle external tables , Client: Is there any way to read the data from flat file(s) which are stored outside the database? Raja: Could you please explain in more detail? Client: Sure. We have data analytics team, what they will do is, they will export the file(s) (.csv/.txt) from their system and push it to our file system ( Oracle directory ).  They have a job to push their files to our file system, which will run in predefined interval. Once it's uploaded we should read the file(s) data and display it in our system. Raja: Yes! it's very much possible, if we go with O racle external table . Client: What is that? Raja:  It can be used for query, join and sort operations. External tables allow oracle to query data that is stored outside the database in flat files. Once it's running we can create views against it. Client: Oh! Sounds interesting. That's what i needed. Is there any limit

Highlight the cell of Interactive Report based on Search Criteria in Oracle APEX

Oracle APEX Interactive Report has default search option, where we can search the values which are exists in the report. Here I am giving an elegant method to highlight the cell of interactive report based on search criteria. Step 1:  Create a new blank page. Step 2:  Create a new Interactive Report region to the page. Step 3:  Set  CSS Classes  "data-highlighter" to the region. Fig 1: Set CSS Classes Step 4: Create a class by adding below CSS to the page in inline CSS section. It will change the style of report cells. Go to   Page => CSS => Inline . highlight- data  {     font-weight: bold !important ;      background -color: #ffecb4 !important ; } Step 5: Get a class for IR search component by following below steps. Place a mouse cursor on IR search component. Right click a mouse (The right mouse button is often used to open contextual menus, which are pop-up menus that change depending where you click) and select the menu " Inspect " . DevTools pop-up come

Display User Rating Icons Dynamically in Oracle APEX Report

Here I am giving an example to display user rating icons dynamically in oracle apex report. Step 1:  Create a new blank page. Step 2: Function Call:  Create a function  get_user_ratings.  If you want to render it in multiple places, it would be good practice to put this code in a package and call it in your query. Sample function in a package called  FXGN_GENERAL create   or   replace   FUNCTION  get_user_ratings ( p_value  IN   NUMBER )      RETURN   VARCHAR2    IS     l_return      VARCHAR2   ( 4000 );     l_checked     VARCHAR2 ( 240 )  :=  '<span class="fa fa-star" style="color:orange;"></span>' ;     l_un_checked  VARCHAR2 ( 240 )  :=  '<span class="fa fa-star" style="color:grey;"></span>' ;     l_max_value   NUMBER         :=  5 ;     l_remaining   NUMBER ;    BEGIN      IF  p_value  BETWEEN  1  AND   5   THEN   -- Check given values are in the range       l_remaining := l_max_value - p_value ;