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Read and Import XLSX file in Oracle APEX 4.2

Objective : To read and import XLSX file in Oracle APEX 4.2. Scenario : Customer wants to see their investor details in APEX (in the form of IR). Though investor details are in Oracle Directory (XLSX file format), But what we have done is, we read the XLSX file from Oracle directory and import data in APEX (Interactive Report).  Solution : Step 1:  Create the process in APEX to Call the PL/SQL procedure to generate excel file in oracle directory. Step 2:  Install the  AS_READ_XLSX  Package. << Package Specification <> CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE as_read_xlsx IS TYPE tp_one_cell IS   record   (     sheet_nr   NUMBER(2),     sheet_name VARCHAR(4000),     row_nr     NUMBER(10),     col_nr     NUMBER(10),     cell       VARCHAR2(100),     cell_type  VARCHAR2(1),     string_val VARCHAR2(4000),     number_val NUMBER,     date_val   DATE,     formula    VARCHAR2(4000)   ); TYPE tp_all_cells IS   TABLE OF t