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Report Generation from BI through APEX 4.2

Oracle APEX is user friendly for designing part as well as client side data entry and validation related things. Oracle BI Publisher is good for report output; it will give the output files like PDF, XLS etc, Very big advantage in BI Publisher is that can produce multiple output files as a report. With the option of Bursting. Bursting will be scheduled with the particular time interval, or can schedule by the time as per the report need. Template file is base for required output report. Because output will be produced based on the input template design. In APEX, under Shared components there is an option called Report Layouts, that is getting the input template file for report designing. That same navigation having the link called Report Queries, which is getting the query from user to generating report based on template and query. When the user clicking on the designed button, then the Report file will be generated based on template and query. The button optio