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Generate DDL source code using Oracle SQL

Here I am giving an example to  generate DDL (Data Definition Language) source code using Oracle SQL. One of my client wants to generate all the DDL source code for some database objects . So i just found the little piece of code to create DDL source. Database Objects are,   Ø    Sequence Ø    Table Ø    Index Ø    View Ø    Database Link Ø    Materialized view Ø    Function Ø    Procedure Ø    Package Ø    Package Body Oracle has provided default package  dbms_metadata   to generate DDL source code, we can make use of it. SQL Query: SELECT object_type,                dbms_metadata.get_ddl (REPLACE(object_type,' ','_'), object_name, owner) AS ddl_source     FROM all_objects  WHERE object_type IN ('SEQUENCE', 'TABLE', 'INDEX', 'VIEW', 'PACKAGE',                                          'PACKAGE BODY', 'FUNCTION', 'PROCEDURE', 'MATERIALIZED VIEW',