Print setting/configuration in Oracle APEX to use BI Publisher

Navigation with Admin Credentials:.
  •  Access the Administration Services home page.
  •  Select Manage Service.
  •  Select Instance Settings, under Manage Environment Settings.
  •  Click Report Printing to focus on just the Report Printing attributes.
Attributes Setting:
  •  Oracle BI Publisher: Advanced Support.
  •  Print Server Protocol: HTTP or HTTPS (depends on your configuration).
  •  Print Server Host Address: The host-name for the machine where you installed BI Publisher - (  e.g.
  •  Print Server Port: The port given at the end of the BI Publisher installation -  (e.g. 9704).
  •  Print Server Script: /xmlpserver/convert.
That's it. Now you can use BI Publisher as your report server.


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