Stop the user to click a page submit button more than once in Oracle APEX 4.2


To stop the user to click a APEX page submit button more than once in Oracle APEX 4.2


The standard way to push the page data back to the APEX server or table is to use an HTML button. One issue with HTML buttons is that they can be clicked more than once, and under certain circumstances this can cause issues. 


To ensure that the button can only be pressed once you can do the following

Step 1: Crete APEX Page

Step 2: Crete Page Region

Step 3: Crete Page Button

Alter button settings so that inside the URL redirect section the URL target value is set to


Note: The value inside doSubmit(‘’) is the same as the button name.
The button now looks like this when it has been clicked


Conclusion: The button is now coded so that the user can only click it once to submit the page. Any further clicks are ignored.


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